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About Mister Bagel on Forest Ave

In a time where costs are tight and companies are choosing dollars over quality, shipping baked goods full of preservatives, over long miles, Mister Bagel remains true to its core beliefs. A delicious, locally made product with no additives are what the residents of Greater Portland desire, made right here in the State of Maine.  

In today’s market a Bagel shop can no longer feature just one item, there must be a variety. Mister Bagel on Forest Avenue has the ability to satisfy every individual and family member by adapting to our customer's changing breakfast, lunch and catering needs. Let us be your neighborhood bakery and delicatessen in the 21st century.


Mister Bagel uses only the highest quality ingredients to make our bagels. Portland has the best water in the country and our formula is 60% flour and 40% water resulting in the “World’s Best Bagel”. The “Super” bagel: an onion bagel, with the toppings of sesame, poppy, onion, garlic and salt. “The world's most flavorful bagel”The people of Portland know how good they have it. They never have to schlep to Brooklyn or Brookline with the old school bagel bakery of Mister Bagel around the corner!

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How Our Bagel Shop Started

On June 2, 2008 Jane and Joel Baker purchased the 31 year old business from Eric and Gail Hartglass, aka Mister and Mrs. Bagel.  Jane is their daughter and Joel is their son-in-law, running the day to day operations.  Jane’s nickname growing up was “bagel” and Joel’s nickname was “baker” and together they are your next generation of  “bagel bakers” at Mister Bagel in Portland, ME.


Back in June of 2008, Joel began remodeling the interior of the location,  by closing the doors for 4 days.  A new floor was laid, the walls got a  new covering, and a new ceiling was added. The goal of the remodel:  a  cleaner facility, giving our customers more efficient movement throughout the store, with a warm, modern and comfortable feel.  As a result of those efforts, Mister Bagel has become a more pleasant, smooth running facility with a very relaxing atmosphere.

Both Joel and Jane grew up in Portland in different areas of town, knew of each  other only casually.  In Sept. of 1995 they met up in Mesa, AZ during the  Jewish holidays at a Conservative/Orthodox Temple. It was in the middle of Mormon country, 3000 miles away from home. They fell in love and decided to move back to Maine, started a family and continued to develop the legacy that is Mister Bagel.

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