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Welcome to Mister Bagel

In today’s market a Bagel shop can no longer feature just one item, there must be a variety. Mister Bagel on Forest Avenue has the ability to satisfy every individual and family member by adapting to our customer's changing breakfast, lunch and catering needs. Let us be your neighborhood bakery and delicatessen in the 21st century.

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Fresh Versus Frozen or Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches.

Normally, bacon, sausage, eggs, and an English muffin and/or bagel aren’t bad ingredients. However, when they are prepared in the way a fast-food restaurant does or if they are purchased as pre-packaged frozen breakfast sandwiches, they can be amongst the worst breakfast options to get your day started right. On average, one pre-packaged breakfast sandwich including sausage, egg, and cheese on a biscuit contains up to 410 calories, HALF of your saturated fat for the day, and a third of your recommended daily allowance of sodium. Pre-packaged sandwiches like this are often quite a bit smaller than a freshly prepared breakfast sandwich, making them a much less satisfying breakfast, AND they offer little to no fiber or protein. It is important to start your day right and we are happy to help you get moving with a delicious made-to-order breakfast sandwich made fresh in just a few minutes!

We source our ingredients locally from Maine farms!

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