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Welcome to Mister Bagel

In today’s market a Bagel shop can no longer feature just one item, there must be a variety. Mister Bagel on Forest Avenue has the ability to satisfy every individual and family member by adapting to our customer's changing breakfast, lunch and catering needs. Let us be your neighborhood bakery and delicatessen in the 21st century.

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Our Fresh Made to Order
Frozen or Fast Food Breakfast Sandwiches.

Normally, you find a bacon, eggs, american cheese on an English muffin under a heat lamp. Not here, every sandwich is made fresh to order.
We start with love for the breakfast sandwich. We offer more than one of our delicious bagels, we can offer a croissant, English muffin or tortilla wrap.  We use locally sourced eggs, cheese and meats. We also offer Deli meats, like Corned Beef, Pastrami, Turkey, and Roast beef, as options to expand your palette in the breakfast sandwich kingdom.  Yes we even have non-meat, aka, veggies with an egg, and cheese if you dare...speaking of cheese, not only do we have 5 hard cheeses to offer, we have Goat and Feta. To make it ooie and gooie, try one of our cream cheeses!
So many choices to make it hard to choose, but you can never go wrong with any choice. We know you will be back soon to try another flavor combo ;)

We source our ingredients locally from Maine farms!

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